We never sell admin of our server.our admin and software are free.
Work only with the software provided by us.
People who use other software will get their admin banned.
Type fast without timedout or else your id will be banned for 30 minutes.

Dont buy admin from others.They can change your payment details and hack your money.Mail to admin@captchatypers.com to get admin free of cost.

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Beware of Scammers:

captchatypers.com and captchatypers.net are our only domains and we provide work only through these 2 domains. And our support email is support@captchatypers.com Any other domain or email who claims to be captchatypers.com is not ours so check our website spelling correctly and stay aware of scammers.

captchatypers dont provide work through any other website.Dont mail us asking for admin or payment of other servers.We got complaint that they didnt get payment from some server which looks like captchatypers.So beware of scammers.If you got cheated then we are not responsible.

captchatypers dont mail you from any other mail id other than official mail ids.So beware of scammers like captchatypers@gmail.com and other mail ids.Dont pay for admins and get cheated.